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PET Formula

PET Formula

PET Formula

Help Your Pet Feel Their Best!

The Pain Relief brand you've trusted since 1998 now brings your pet a Veterinarian Recommended Gentle Cooling Formula.


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    Whiskers is a 12 year old corgi/schnauzer mix who has developed a bad case of dermatitis on her legs. This is incredibly itchy and Whiskers gets "attacks" where she looks like she is chewing her skin off. I put 2 applications of RTPR Pet Formula at 7:30 am, It's now 1:00pm and no itch attack! I still trying to find the cause of her dermatitis. In the meantime, I'm so glad I can offer her some relief.
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    Susan - Pleasant Hill, California

    Wilbur approves of the NEW Real Time Pet Formula. He gives it Two Paws Up and says that he feels like a pup again. And then he took a nap. Thanks!
    Average: 5 (1 vote)

    Don - Joliet, Illinois

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