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Types of Strength Training Exercises

strength-training-for-runnersHere are some simple and common strength training exercises that benefit runners. These exercises help build core muscle strength, and most of these do not require equipment!  

Weight-Lifting Benefits in Strength Training

weightlifting-benefits-for-runnersWeight lifting builds the muscle mass that runners often worry about losing. It also helps you run longer, harder, and faster by increasing performance through muscle growth. Research has shown that runners, who typically run long distances, have improvements in running economy, take longer to reach exhaustion, and experience improved neuromuscular coordination.

Increase Endurance

strength-training-improves-running-enduranceStrength Training exercises also help you increase endurance, regardless of what kind of runner you are. From the ultra-marathoners to the weekend joggers, every runner increases their endurance levels through regular strength training. You’ll run further, faster, and for longer periods of time. You may also notice that your cool-down period becomes shorter and your lung capacity improves significantly.

Avoid Muscle Loss

avoid-muscle-lossOne of the biggest concerns for runners is muscle loss. Strength training helps prevent muscle loss - even for long-distance runners. It also brings out the best in your core running muscles. If you’re concerned about your calf muscles, as many runners are, using weights to target this area is highly effective. Expect to build new muscle mass in places that are missed from just running.

Cardiovascular Benefits

cardiovascular-benefitsRunners who incorporate strength training into their routine also receive highly beneficial cardio benefits, especially when training and running are paired together. If you spend time stretching and performing training exercises before your run, you naturally increase your heart rate while also increasing blood flow. You can then give your heart the necessary breaks it needs when you start running by reducing your pace.

Benefits of Strength Training for Runners

strength-training-for-runners-benefitsMany serious runners totally dismiss strengthening exercises or any other exercise aside from their normal running routine. But strength-training exercises are essential, especially for those who do massive amounts of running in a given week. Your muscles need more than just a good, long run. Runners sometimes worry about muscle loss in certain areas of the body, and strength training not only maintains healthy muscle mass but also improves running performance. What’s more, strength training helps reduce your risk of injury because it builds strength and support in the muscles that carry the inherent pressure from running. Injuries such as fractures and Achilles tendonitis are often a result of a lack of strength and support while running, as well as improper coordination and balance. Neuromuscular capabilities are improved upon through a regular strength-training regimen. The key to picking the right strengthening exercises for a runner is finding exercises that target the muscles that help with balance. Runners often report increased running speed, stamina, and endurance after just a few weeks of strength training. Here we take a look at all the benefits that come with the integration of a strength-training program to enhance your running routine, and why it’s so important for the avid runner to perform strengthening exercises on a regular basis.

Improves Posture and Balance

water running can improve posturePosture is a very hot subject these days. With what we now know about posture and how crucial it is for preventing musculoskeletal disorders, the public is finding that water aerobics can strengthen core muscles and improve poor posture. For runners, balance and posture are an important element. Poor posture or balance quickly begins to affect a runner.

Ideal for Those Experiencing Arthritis

water running is good for arthritisSome of the best exercises for those experiencing the symptoms of arthritis are low-impact exercises. This is because arthritis causes severe pain in the joints, making it hard to perform normal everyday tasks, not to mention exercise. Many experts say that exercise can improve arthritis and the stiffness that accompanies it, but it can be difficult to get out and run or ride a bike when your body hurts.

Buoyancy Does the Work

water running-buoyancySay goodbye to the harsh reality of gravity; water running allows buoyancy to take the weight off of your body. The water supports up to 90% of your body’s weight. Someone who weighs around 160 lbs may feel as if they weigh around 16 lbs in the water. This does wonders for taking pressure off of your bones, muscles, and joints. It also allows you to get a longer cardio workout than you could on land, which benefits your heart.


water running is available One of the greatest perks about water running is just how easy it is to get started. You don’t need to buy any special equipment (although there is plenty of underwater aerobic equipment), and there are plenty of ways to access water deep enough to perform your exercise. You don’t need a pool at home, simply visit your local YMCA or public gym. Public pools are also widely available depending on the area where you live.


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