Common Types of Hand Pain

Common Types of Hand PainAs important as our hands are to everyday life, all too often the average person overuses their hands and forgets to care for this piece of anatomy. By neglecting to care for our hands, this can lead to pain, injury, and a general lack of mobility and ability. When the hands are injured, in pain, or suffering from a lack of mobility, it can seriously encumber the life of the individual.

Even with good care, a person’s hands can suffer from pain and injury. If it is subject to some form of trauma, it can be the source of great pain and injury. There are also different health conditions that can lead to hand pain and injury. In addition to that, the amount of use that we put our hands through on a daily basis can lead to injuries of the repetitive stress variety.

With the complex structures of the hand and the amount of work that we put them to, issues with hand pain and injury are not uncommon. The human hand has 27 individual bones and many muscles, tendons, joints, nerves, and connective tissue that are susceptible to injury. In the following pages, we will look at some of the more common issues related to hand pain and injury.