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Foods that Help Rebuild Cartilage in the Body: Copper Part 1

Foods with Copper can help the body rebuild damaged cartilageIn the body, you have different types of cartilage. The type of cartilage found in the joints is hyaline cartilage. Unlike most other tissue structures in the body, cartilage does not have blood vessels or nerves.

The articular cartilage of the joints is made from a matrix of fibers. The principle composition of this matrix is made up of water, collagen and proteoglycans. In the rebuilding of cartilage at the joints, it is important for the body to be able to produce enough collagen.

Collagen is one of the most common proteins in the body. It is made up of amino acids like glycine and proline. For the body to produce the collagen needed to repair joints, the individual will have to consume the nutrients that are needed for the production of these amino acids.

While supplements can help to provide some of the nutrients that you will need, getting them through your regular diet can be beneficial. Nutrients that can help the body to rebuild cartilage include vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Copper, Iron and vitamin A.

(Click Here) to watch a video all about how Copper is beneficial in the formation of cartilage.

How Gluten Can Make Pain and Inflammation Worse

gluten-and-inflammationWhat is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein substance that is found in cereal grains like wheat, kamut, spelt, rye, barley and most oats. Is has a glue-like quality that helps baked goods stick together and gives bread a fluffy texture. Commercial producers of bread, pasta, and other bakery products like to use grains that contain gluten in their baked goods because it is the most well known. Gluten can also be found in other products hidden in the ingredients list with names such as:

  • Glucose (which is a sugar that can be derived from gluten.)
  • Vitamin E (which can be derived from gluten grains.)
  • Modified food starch (which usually comes from wheat.)
  • Natural Flavorings (especially caramel which usually comes from barley.)
  • Maltodextrin (which usually comes from wheat.)

Why Does It Cause Problems For Some?

Gluten can cause a whole host of problems such as Keratosis Pilaris, digestive upset, nutrient deficiencies, autoimmune disorders, mood disorders, dark circles under your eyes, brain fog, migraines and headaches, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, as well as painful swollen joints.

Gluten can also increase the amount of inflammation in your body, along with other foods. If gluten is not tolerated well by your digestive system it will cause damage to your intestines, and then the proteins can leak out into your bloodstream where they are not supposed to be. These rogue proteins cause inflammation and worsen pain.

Conventional crops that contain gluten are often sprayed with chemicals that can also irritate the intestines and are bad for our bodies. These chemicals can also create inflammation in the body since they are hard for the body to eliminate and detoxify from. Eating organic foods will eliminate this factor. If you are sensitive to gluten, then eating organic and gluten-free is even better for you.

What Can You Eat Instead?

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Why You Should Consider Practicing Yoga

yoga-health-benefitsDid you know that consistent yoga practice provides many health benefits, especially for anyone suffering from chronic pain? Studies have found that yoga can prevent the changes that chronic pain causes in the structure of the brain. These changes are linked to depression, anxiety, and brain fog.

Catherine Bushnell, PhD, a director of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, said, “Practicing yoga has the opposite effect on the brain as does chronic pain.” Bushnell also reported that ongoing yoga practice can increase levels of pain tolerance, leading to a decrease in chronic pain. Brain images of someone suffering from chronic pain revealed that it causes changes to occur to the brain's volume of gray matter and disturbs the connections of the white matter. New brain images performed on people who had been practicing yoga for a period of time, showed that yoga actually bulks up gray matter and strengthens the connections of white matter.

Yoga is a gentle exercise that helps you build strength and flexibility. It is also an activity that is widely available. You can find a yoga class in many local communities, gyms, or YMCA organizations. If you aren't comfortable with public classes, then you can hire a personal trainer, find online classes, or purchase instructional DVDs. Yoga does not require expensive equipment. The only thing recommended for yoga practice is comfy clothes and a yoga mat to help you stay steady while performing poses.

To learn about other health benefits from yoga go ahead and watch the video!

Is Office Syndrome Affecting You?


An office job is safe in the sense that you don’t have to suffer in the heat of summer or endure bone chilling temperatures in the winter. And, your boss at the office will probably never ask you to do anything that is hazardous like climb on a roof or use heavy tools or machinery. Many people are thankful for their office job because it is known as less risky employment.

Despite this, did you know that an office job does actually pose risks to your health? It is known as Office Syndrome and it is typically found in office workers who spend many hours in front of a computer. Symptoms include headaches, shoulder and back pain, numb fingers and arms, weak eyesight, and dry eyes. Without some preventative measures being taken, it is possible that ‘Office Syndrome’ can lead to a slipped vertebral disc, and in severe cases, paralysis. The age range for those affected by Office Syndrome is 16-35 years old, within this age range there is a 55% chance that an office employee will be diagnosed with it.

You may wonder what causes this?

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How Flexibilty Exercises Reduce Pain

improve-flexibility-with-exercisesThere is a misconception that exercise causes pain, but actually, the issue of pain is often rooted in a lack of flexibility. Flexibility is the mobility of joints in order to achieve their full range of motion, as well as the muscles’ ability to move around the joints freely. However, when we lack this essential tool, we are sending misinformation to our body about how to move. Our bodies’ are capable of adapting to this limited range of motion, but over time it can lead to compromised body positions. Hence, more pain. In other words, flexibility is the mechanism that allows your body to move without restriction. When restriction is present, pain occurs. This is similar to our joints’ reaction to inflammation, stiffness, and pain. Now, what if we could combat this stiffness and reduce pain just by stretching every day? Well, you can! Perry Fine, MD, a board member at the American Pain Foundation says, “Everybody can do something.” She explains how exercise not only reduces one’s perception of pain but also helps overcome limited functioning. There’s this trend of- get moving, feel better. Now you don’t necessarily need to go to a gym to reap these benefits.

The prescription: Get into a nice, comfortable stretch. Hold it for 15-30 seconds. Breathe Deeply. Rinse. Repeat.

Here are some exercises that play a major role in increasing flexibility and that anyone can do anywhere:

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How Turmeric Can Help With Pain and Inflammation

turmeric health benefitsWhat is it Anyway??

Turmeric is a perennial rhizome herb that grows well in most climates but is originally from South Asia, and it is part of the ginger family of plant species. Its roots are a deep orange/red color and contain many healing qualities. Most people use only the roots of the plant in their cooking. The roots are harvested during the rainy season and then they left to dry and are ground to a powder before use. Many traditional cultures in South Asia and the Middle East use turmeric in their everyday cooking as it adds wonderful flavor and color to any dish. Turmeric has also been used a natural dye to color fabrics to sew into many things.

How Can It Help?

There is a component of turmeric called curcumin, which has many benefits for the human body. Most notably it is used to ease pain and help reduce inflammation. People might use it to help with things like fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, Runner's Knee, Lupus, Gout and while recovering from an injury. These people might otherwise use non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) or over the counter pain relieving pills to help ease their pain. But these medications can actually contribute to a person’s overall inflammatory load and thus contribute to their pain. NSAIDs and over the counter pain relievers come with other risks as well such as damage to the kidneys, gastrointestinal system, and cardiovascular system. There are studies that show that curcumin can be a very real alternative to many medications.

A low to no-risk option to help people who suffer from these pain-causing conditions is to try adding turmeric to your diet. Dried turmeric is easy to find at your local grocery store in the dried herbs and spices section, and is bright yellow in color. You can also find fresh turmeric in the vegetable section at your local grocery store. Be sure to pair it with a little black pepper, as pepper helps to activate the properties of turmeric that help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

How Can You Use It?

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Runners, Have You Heard About the Benefits of Strength Training?

new-article-strength-training-for-runnersAre you a runner? If so, have you heard that implementing strength training into your routine can benefit your performance in several ways?

I will name just a few of the improvements that our latest article discusses: cardiovascular benefits, better endurance, and improved neuromuscular coordination, etc.

As a bonus, we also included an amazing list of 6 strengthening exercises in the article.

To check out the Benefits of Strength Training for Runners, (Click Here)

You can check out our articles and infographics to learn a multitude of ways to start relieving your pain naturally!

At Real Time Pain Relief, we not only care about the quality ingredients that go into each and every one of our products – but also about the people who buy them. We hope this blog, and the articles posted on it, become a valued resource for your own personal journey to better health. We know natural products that reduce your pain at the source are important to you, and for more than 17 years, our Real Time Pain Relief rub-on has been providing fast acting, targeted pain relief with natural ingredients to thousands of satisfied customers. From the useful information on this blog to our high-quality natural products, we hope you become one of the thousands of customers telling us they “Enjoy Living Again!”

Pumpkin: Good For You...Not Just the Pie

pumpkin health benefitsThanksgiving is just around the corner, which means that you have probably purchased a fresh pumpkin, or can of pumpkin puree, by now. But, did you know that pumpkin is so nutritious and healthy that you may want to cook with it in more ways than just baking it into a pumpkin pie?

This orange vegetable from the Cucurbitaceae family is rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, but has low amounts of the things that you don’t want your food to have, like saturated fats, calories, or cholesterol.

The following list just names a few of the nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants that pumpkin is abundant in:

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Cinnamon: More Than Just a Fragrant Spice

cinnamon-health-benefits-anti-inflammatoryIt’s Fall, which means that you may find yourself reaching for the cinnamon a little more often than you were a few months ago. What is it about the smell of cinnamon when the leaves start changing and falling?

Despite the warmth that it makes you feel during this time, did you know that cinnamon has numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties? Researchers have found enough benefits that it might be worth using cinnamon in your diet all throughout the year.

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You can check out our articles and tips to learn a multitude of ways to start relieving your pain naturally!

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3 Great Yoga Poses for Knee Health

3-great-yoga-poses-for-knee-healthIf you want to protect your knees during exercise, and even give them some good therapy while you’re at it, yoga is the perfect practice. It can be done no matter where you’re at in your journey of health – starting now and into your golden years. As opposed to other forms of exercise (i.e. running, lifting) yoga gives your body a total body workout, without being hard on those precious knee joints. So many of us suffer from knee pain, and you’re not alone if you feel stuck when it comes to your exercise routine due to knee maladies.

Here are 3 of the best yoga poses to keep your entire body (knees included) strong, supple, flexible, and relaxed.

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You can check out our articles and tips to learn a multitude of ways to start relieving your pain naturally!


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