long-distance-short-distance-runningThere are a lot of myths going around about the differences between long distance running and short distance running. Discussions over the benefits and downsides are often a hot topic, and it seems like every runner has a different opinion. It’s crucial that you get your facts straight about both in order to determine which type of runner you are. First, you have to consider factors such as physical condition, the type of exercise you’re looking for, and what your goals are as a runner

It is a common belief that those with less body mass prefer lower-paced, longer runs, and those with more body mass enjoy intense, higher-paced, shorter runs. This isn’t necessarily the case with everyone. It doesn't depend on what your current body mass is, rather it is about your exercise goal and creating the body you want. It is relatively agreed upon that those who run harder and faster, but shorter distances, typically have more muscle mass, and ultra-marathoners seem to be on the thin side when it comes to muscle.

There are a series of questions you need to ask yourself to better determine what kind of runner you are. Do you get bored on runs that are longer than 20 minutes? Do you like to challenge yourself constantly for better times and performance? Do you lack the time to spend hours every week running? If so, then shorter runs (like 5K/10K) may be the right move for you. These runs are for those who aim to be faster and have the physical capabilities to do so. Do you enjoy lower-paced, scenic runs? Are you experiencing injuries when it comes to speed training? Does it take you a few miles to get warmed up on your runs? If so, then long-distance marathons may be more your style. These are for runners who love spending hours on a beautiful day soaking up the scenery and simply enjoying the exercise.

Discovering what type of runner you are can help increase the effectiveness of your exercise, reduce the risk of injuries, and help you set obtainable goals for your runs. Knowing your capabilities and limitations will only make you a better runner, and will make running a more enjoyable experience.

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