How-does-my-posture-affect-my-healthDid you know that your posture could be the root cause of a lot of your aches and pains? Researchers have performed numerous studies and found that the way we hold our bodies drastically affects how we feel. They have linked poor posture habits to high stress, depression, circulation issues, increased risk for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and slowing of intestinal activity, which leads to lots of other problems.

Some people even find that poor posture affects their careers, or how others view them, simply because they do not appear to be proud. When you walk through the door with your head down and your shoulders hunched over, you might come across as being sad and lacking energy. A Harvard study recently found that people who slouch have 10% less testosterone and a 15% increase in cortisol levels than people who don’t slouch. This means that people who slouch are dealing with more of the “stress chemical” known as cortisol. High cortisol and low testosterone levels can also cause feelings of low self confidence.

The other big factor about your posture is that you are holding your entire bodily frame in positions that cause misalignment, tension, and stress. As these 3 things occur to your bones, muscles, joints, tissues, etc, you develop sore spots, cramps, cricks, tense muscles, and more. Basically, you will feel pain in one or more areas of your body, and it may even be chronic pain.

Many people feel that they do not have the ability to fix their posture. Maybe they feel like they don’t have extra time to work on it, or they think that it will cost a lot of money, however, it doesn’t have to eat up a lot of your time or your hard earned money. All it takes is a little commitment and some patience with yourself.

Here are a few tips that may help you incorporate proper posture in your life.

  • Start doing some simple exercises to strengthen your core. Many professionals believe that postural problems arise from weak stomach and pelvic muscles.
  • Pin a ribbon to your shirt. Have it pinned at the top and and at the bottom. Then for 10 minutes at a time while sitting in your chair, focus on keeping the ribbon taut by sitting up the right way. To do this, pull your shoulder blades back and down and don’t let your ribcage rest on your hipbones. The ribbon will show you any posture changes that you make because when you slouch the ribbon will loosen and bow out.
  • Take deep, relaxed abdominal breaths. To find out if you are taking stress relieving breaths, rest your hand on your low stomach, below your bellybutton, and breathe in. You should feel your stomach expand with your inhale. Some people take shallow breaths, and if you don’t feel your belly expand then you may be one of those people. Practice taking these deep breaths and try to fill up your belly. Allow your breath to go all the way down to the deepest part of your lungs. You will appreciate the deep breaths because it will bring more oxygen into your body and will cause your to release stress on the exhale.

You can also find neat little gadgets, software, or apps that will help you evaluate and improve your posture. Many of your options are affordable. Although, do not be afraid to seek professional help if you feel that you need it. A doctor or chiropractor will have good advice, as well as ways to help you improve your posture and relieve your chronic pain caused by misalignment, stress, and posture habits.

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