assitive-device-relieves-hand-painIf you suffer from hand pain, then you know how difficult it can be to perform even simple tasks. Did you know that many gadgets have been designed with you in mind because hand pain can make too many people struggle with things like buttoning shirts, holding utensils, opening jars, etc? For instance, unlocking a door can be difficult for someone who suffers from hand pain because it takes finger dexterity and strength to hold onto the key and twist. This is why EZ Key Turners were developed. The creator knew that many individuals could use a bigger key, but since it would be too difficult to change the way all keys are made, it was much easier to design a gadget that made it easier to use keys. The key turner just snaps on over the top of your key, making it bigger. It is also made from a material that provides more leverage and a good grip for your fingers. Other version are available so don't be afraid to shop around until you find the key turner tool that works best for you!

This is just one assistive device that we have found for you. In our latest article Top 10 Assistive Devices to Ease Hand Pain, we have provided 10 more gadgets for you, along with an explanation of how each device will help you overcome the difficulties that arise with sore hands.

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