Osteoarthritis can affect your back, causing pain and taking away your ability to do many thingsDid you know that Osteoarthritis can settle in your low back and spine? In fact, it can be one of the most damaging forms of Osteoarthritis, not only to your body but also to the way you live everyday. It begins as stiffness and soreness in the back, but if it is allowed to progress for long it can begin to cause nerve problems, as well as problems with the jelly-like discs in the spine. If you have pain in your back for a certain amount of time, it would be wise to visit your doctor as soon as possible in order to find out if it is arthritis wreaking havoc on your back. The sooner you can treat it, the less damage it does to your body in the long run.

This is just one of the areas of the body that we have found to be commonly affected by Osteoarthritis. Since education is one of the best forms of prevention, we have compiled this article for you. If you can learn about the earliest warning signs of arthritis you can implement treatments and know what your body can and cannot handle and possibly prevent a lifetime of pain.

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