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August 2016

What You Need to Know About Running in Summer

what-you-need-to-know-running-summerRunning in the summer? There’s a few things you should know. Runners are highly susceptible to health risks when running in the summer heat. Your body reacts differently in a hotter climate than it does in a colder one, and you may wonder why your stamina and time may have decreased for your summer runs. First, let’s take a look at what is going on inside your body when running in the heat.

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Reduce Your Hand Pain With Dexterity Exercises

stiffness-hand-exercisesOne of the most frequent complaints from those experiencing hand pain and discomfort is stiffness and a loss of mobility in the fingers. There are a variety of reasons why this may occur. As we age, we might not have the same skill and motion in our hands and fingers as we did in earlier years. Overall, stiffness in the fingers and joints prevent us from getting the right performance out of our hands. What’s the answer? Research is pointing to finger dexterity exercises that improve mobility, skill, strength, and reduce stiffness in the fingers. Whether you are experiencing arthritis, trigger finger, or another form of hand condition that impedes on your gripping and dexterity, there are finger exercises that improve these conditions. Even those experiencing moderate pain in the hands are able to perform some of these exercises.  

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The Ultimate Pre-Run Smoothie

electrolyte-spinach-smoothieGoodbye cramps and swelling, hello stamina and performance. What makes this pre-run smoothie one of the most efficient and nutritional beverages for avid runners? The proof is in the pudding. Sure, there are plenty of “superfoods” you can shove in your blender that are full of nutrients, but the dynamics of these three ingredients (yes, only three) are what makes it one of running’s best kept secrets. The process is simple: a handful of Spinach leaves (baby/regular), 1 cup of coconut water, and 1 peeled banana. Spinach has huge amounts of Vitamin A, K, and C, as well as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, and protein. It also helps to prevent inflammatory issues, oxidative stress-related problems, cardiovascular problems, and strengthens our bones. You might already be aware that bananas contain potassium, but they also contain high amounts of B6. B6 is pretty much the leader when it comes to metabolizing carbohydrates. In fact, the enzyme that actually pulls the carbohydrates from cell storage in our bodies, requires B6 to complete this process, making it not only useful but necessary. Finally, Coconut water will make sure you continue to stay hydrated properly with loads of electrolytes, potassium and sodium, which are things that normal bottled water lack. So there you have it. 3 ingredients that will maximize your running performance and keep your muscles working optimally. Oh, and we forgot to mention…it’s delicious.

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