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At Real Time Pain Relief, we not only care about the quality ingredients that go into each and every one of our products – but also about the people who buy them. We hope this blog, and the articles posted on it, will become a valued resource for your own personal journey to better health. We know natural products that reduce your pain at the source are important to you, and our Real Time Pain Relief rub-on has been providing targeted pain relief in minutes with natural ingredients to thousands of satisfied customers for more than 17 years. From the useful information on this blog to our high-quality natural products, we hope you become one of the thousands of customers who have told us they “Enjoy Living Again!”

Benefits of Using Chamomile on Your Hands

chamomile-tea-hands-benefitsCould your favorite tea also be your best hand nourishment? Not only that, but it can reduce pain and swelling you may feel in your hands and fingers. Chamomile (sometimes called Anthemis Nobilis, Roman Chamomile, or English Chamomile) has been around as a medicinal herb for a long time, and people are still using it to not only take better care of their hands, but to help with other musculoskeletal conditions. When chamomile is extracted into an oil base, it can easily be applied to the hands and fingers.

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Hand Exercises: The Biggest Prevention in Hand Pain?

hand-exercisesWe live in an age where a huge percent of the population works long hours performing repetitive tasks with their hands. Those who work in occupations such as manufacturing, computers/typing, music, carpentry, and other jobs that require extensive use of the hands, they are the ones who hold the highest risk of developing a musculoskeletal condition in their hands (or another form of painful hand disorder). 25% of all computer operators have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, in fact, carpal tunnel syndrome is the #1 reported medical complaint and accounts for almost 50% of all work-related injuries.

Even those who have not had long careers working with their hands may develop some form of arthritis in their hands, and the risk grows higher as we age. Of those who experience symptoms of arthritis, hand pain is a common issue for many. At least 3 million arthritis patients report that they have difficulty grasping objects with their hands.

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Ergonomic Keyboards: Save Your Hands

ergonomic-keyboardFor the last 25 years or more researchers have studied the workplace and the risks that may arise for those who work with computers/office jobs full-time. A new science, ergonomics, furthered everything we now know about the high risks of injury that develop from using our hands to type for long hours of the day. Thankfully, we have progressed enough that there are now various assistive devices that prove useful, comfortable, and user-friendly for the avid keyboardist. From ergonomic chairs, keyboards, mouse pads, to standing desks and tablet gloves; we’ve come a long way. However, there are still numerous RSI (repetitive stress injuries) reported for those who spend large amounts of time typing and using a computer device.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), repetitive strain injuries are the most common, as well as costly occupational health problem. It affects hundreds of thousands of American workers every year, and costs more than $20 billion a year in worker’s compensation. Musculoskeletal disorders seem to be the most reoccurring medical conditions in the U.S., affecting 7% of the population according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety Health. (Continue Reading HERE)

For more information on ergonomic keyboards and other gadgets, (Click Here)

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How to Prevent Hand Injuries and Pain from Manufacturing Jobs

manufacturing-job-hand-painManufacturing jobs seem to involve a high level of risk when it comes to hand injury or other painful conditions in the hands. Most likely due to the long hours, the repetitiveness, and the amount of physical labor these jobs require. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were nearly 205,000 injuries and illnesses to the wrists/hands/fingers, leading to days away from work in 2006.

Manufacturing work can put a great deal of stress on the body, and it is one of the worst industries to work at when it comes to your hands and wrists. As a person that works in manufacturing, you are probably performing the same tasks hundreds, or even thousands, of times per day, and that repetitive stress really adds up.

For some who work in manufacturing, their job may require them to work on objects that are on a conveyor belt all day, for others, it could be using the same set of tools or operating the same piece of machinery for hours. In some cases, it might be the constant handling and assembling of parts. Whatever it may be, the years of performing these tasks can easily lead to significant pain in the hands or wrists.

As with any job, finding time to rest will help, but in manufacturing, this time is often in short supply. There are ways to help prevent some of the risks that come to our hands from manufacturing jobs, and can be easily done if only remembered. If you spend long parts of your day gripping tools, handles, or turning knobs, you can lower your risk of pain or injury by wearing the proper gloves and learning how “grip properly.” It may seem like a no-brainer, but when you do the same repetitive task over and over, it makes a big difference in the way you grasp tools and how you work with them.

Another good tip for manufacturing workers is to try to wear a brace on the wrists or even the hands. As long as they do not get in the way of the work, the restricted mobility can save the joints and tendons. If the problem gets severe, then you may need to see a doctor. The doctor may be able to prescribe therapy that can protect the hands from injury and restore movement.

For more information on jobs that can lead to hand pain, (Click Here)

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Real Time Therapeutic HAND Cream provides silky, Shea Butter moisture, as well as fast, targeted relief for your hands. It is effective at relieving pain for sore hands, stiff joints, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Carpal Tunnel, and more! You can use it all the time and feel great because there are NO harmful chemicals, Parabens, SLS, or GMOs in it.

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Is Washing Your Hands With Hot Water Doing More Harm Than Good?


Is using hot water to wash your hands better than using cold? Do you kill more germs or bacteria with hot water? The debate rages on and it seems that everyone has a different take on the subject. It makes sense that hot water would kill more of the bacteria on the surface of your hands, but is that truly the case? In a 2005 report by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, scientists found no evidence that washing with hot water had increased benefits, or that it made much of a difference altogether. During the study, subjects who washed their hands with 40 degrees Fahrenheit water had the same amount of left-over contaminates as those who washed their hands in 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Between the two subjects, they found that temperature of the water had “no effect on transient or resident bacterial reduction.” In fact, they actually discovered that washing in hot water might cause some soaps to react in irritation when using hotter water, rather than cold.

Other bacteria may also enjoy the warmer water rather than cold, as researchers have found that some bacteria may increase after being exposed to higher temperatures. E. Coli and Listeria were commonly found to increase in warmer/hotter temperatures of hand washing water. In the end, it really comes down to the amount of time you spend washing, the soap/anti-bacterial agent being used, and the method you use to ensure that every nook and cranny of your hands is properly washed.

For more information about How To Take Good Care of Your Hands, (Click Here)

Capsicum: Less Pain and More Energy

capsicum-peppers Capsicum has been one of the leading herbs in fighting not only inflammation but also relieving pain from many different conditions. Capsicum is prepared from the fruits of the capsicum plant (such as chili peppers) and is known to be an energy supplement, to help regulate blood flow, and also to help with internal infections. Capsicum provides many benefits to relieve hand pain, as it augments the behavior of nerve cells so that pain is greatly reduced. Various studies have shown that capsicum is effective for pain management and can be used to safely manage all types of chronic pain. It can give people the relief they need from their pain in order to fall asleep, resulting in a greater quality of life for people who are in chronic pain because they can finally get the rest they need. When dealing with long term pain in the hands and other parts of the body, it is easy to feel more lethargic and less energetic when going about our daily lives. Therefore, capsicum is a popular aid for those fighting arthritis or other hand pain caused by inflammation, as it helps fight symptoms of pain from different angles by easing said pain and giving you the extra pep you need to enjoy your life. 

For more information about Natural Ingredients to Relieve Hand Pain(Click Here)


Why Ginger Is Helping Millions

ginger-root-herbGinger has a long history in traditional medicine and its benefits are still proving strong today. Ginger helps to relieve soreness in the muscles, helps promote healthy blood circulation, and works as a natural anti-inflammatory. Ginger contains chromium, zinc, and magnesium; chemicals that not only help to increase nutrient-filled blood flow but also with digestion. There are numerous reasons why people are including ginger in their everyday diet. It is also used in topical, anti-inflammatory creams or lotions.  Ginger has been found to be just as effective as certain NSAIDs and is also used to regulate fever, nausea, chills, and excessive sweating. Ginger can be eaten raw, mixed in with other topical ingredients (such as coconut oil), or simply made into a tea.

For more information about Natural Ingredients to Relieve Hand Pain, (Click Here)

What Cold Weather Does to Our Hands

cold-hands-snowWhen we experience cold weather (especially for long periods of time) it makes our lungs and heart work twice as hard to pump blood and oxygen throughout the body. The parts of the body that are affected the most are the extremities, especially the hands. Without oxygen-enriched blood flowing properly, we risk causing damage to the hands. If exposed to the elements for long periods at a time, problems such as numbness, stiffness, dry skin and pain in the bones and joints arise. We also run the risk of developing issues involving nerve damage and the feeling in our hands when we are exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Protecting our hands from the cold elements is one of the easiest ways to prevent these types of problems. This means bundling up with mittens or warm gloves before going out in cold weather. It’s never too late to start doing this, but it helps to start when you are young. Doing so can help prevent loss of motor skills/dexterity when we are older. Similar issues such as the inability to grip items in our hands properly, numbness, and overall painful conditions may arise later in life if the hands were not protected from cold weather in our early years.

For more information about How To Take Good Care of Your Hands, (Click Here)

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