Can Proper Rest Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain?

good rest is important to relieve pain and inflammation from osteoarthritisDid you know that rest is a commonly overlooked treatment for osteoarthritis? When you’re in pain, you often do not feel like doing very much, it can make you feel like all you can do is rest, however, sitting in pain is different than receiving adequate sleep and rest. Many people with arthritis find that they are not able to sleep well, some are even diagnosed with insomnia. Practicing methods that help you relax and ease tension can give your joints time-off and can greatly reduce the stress placed on them.

This is just one of our 7 ways to reduce pain from osteoarthritis. Sometimes developing a routine and limiting distractions and external disturbances can provide some relief from the inflammation that occurs with osteoarthritis. Other factors like icing your pained joints or applying topical pain relievers can ease some of the tension and allow you to get adequate rest and relaxation.

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