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May 2016

This Will Help You Find the Right Shoe For You

This wet test can make it easier to find the right shoesDid you know that there is an easy way to determine what type of foot you have as well as find your right size? It is known as the “Wet Test.” You can achieve this by wetting the bottom of your foot, then stepping on a piece of brown paper. After this, you can take a pen or pencil and trace the outline of the impression that was left by your foot.

This is just one of our 10 things to think about when you are buying new shoes. Based on the imprint, you will be able to determine if you have low or high arches, as well as other indicators, and it will help you find the shoes that are best for you.

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Do Exercises Relieve IT Band Syndrome?

exercises can relieve IT Band syndromeDid you know that exercising your hip and glute muscles is the number one, proactive step you can take to prevent or rehabilitate ITBS? There are specific hip and glute exercises that are highly recommended because they strengthen these areas and build a strong support for your IT band.

This is just one of our 6 ways to treat IT band syndrome. In our article, we describe a few of the best exercises for the IT Band, and don’t worry, you will not need a pricey gym membership to perform these exercises. They can done in your very own living room if that is what you prefer.

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Why Is Ice Best For Muscle Strain?

Ice is best for muscle strainDid you know that ice is the best thing to apply if you are suffering from muscle strain? This is because it will help with the swelling, as well as the pain. If you ever have an injury that is swollen and inflamed, ice is the best option to find relief because heat can cause an increase in your swelling and pain.

This is just one of our 6 Ways to Reduce Pain from Muscle Strain that we have found for you. When wondering whether it is best to apply heat or ice, just remember this: Ice is the best thing to apply to injuries; heat is the best thing to apply to muscle cramps, spasms, or chronic pain.

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Do Ergonomic Chairs Relieve Back Pain?

ergonomic chair can relieve back painIs your back hurting from sitting while at work? If so, you might want to consider finding an ergonomic chair. These chairs are better for you because they provide better support for the back and also offer the ability to change positions in multiple ways so that you can find the perfect setting for you.

This is just one of our 18 ways to relieve pain from your work. When it comes to finding the perfect chair for yourself, there are numerous things to keep in mind while shopping. For instance, is the depth and width of your seat right for you?

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Could That Hip Pain Be Osteoarthritis?

osteoarthritis can affect the hipsDid you know that stiffness and pain in your groin, inner thigh, and buttocks region could be indicators of Osteoarthritis in your hip? It is very important to try to find  ways to relieve it and decrease cartilage deterioration because it can develop into a very painful condition and even lead to debilitation.

This is just one of the 5 areas of the body that Osteoarthritis can affect. If you believe that you have Osteoarthritis in your hips, there are ways to find relief and prevent it from becoming debilitating.

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Are Hairstylists At Risk For Hand Arthritis?

Being a hairstylist can lead to hand arthritisDid you know that hairstylists are at risk for developing arthritis in their fingers and thumb? This is because of the repetitive movements that the hands have to make while using the scissors. However, it is possible to prevent this development by being aware of the risks and finding methods to prevent the cartilage destruction that occurs from this repetitive motion.

This is just one of the 10 jobs that we have found to commonly lead to the development of arthritis. The first step to prevention is education. If you are a hairstylist, it might be wise to find some hand stretches to perform in order to strengthen the hand muscles, resulting in less strain while working.

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Do You Climb Stairs the Right Way?

Stair climbing can cause knee strain and painDid you know that there is a proper way to climb stairs? If you do not maintain correct form, walking up and down stairs can strain the knees and cause knee pain. Something to remember when climbing stairs is that you do not want to get the power for your steps from your knees; your stomach and glute muscles should be engaged when climbing so that your power comes from your backside.

This is just one of our 18 tips to relieve pain caused from work. Since so many depend on their work even if it causes them pain, it is important to learn ways to improve technique and prevent cartilage deterioration and pain. Perhaps this knowledge can fend off a future of chronic pain.

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Do You Know About Omega 6 Fatty Acids?

omega 6 fatty acids can make arthritis pain worseBy now you have probably heard that Omega 3 Fatty Acids are good for you, but are you aware that not all types of Omega Fatty Acids are good for you? Researchers have discovered that a diet that is high in Omega 6 Fatty Acids creates inflammation in the body. The number one culprit for delivering these Omega 6 Fatty Acids is vegetable oil. To improve your arthritis symptoms, try to find a different oil that is high in Omega 3s like Flax Seed oil or Walnut oil.

This is just one of the eating tips that we share in our article about “Foods That Reduce Arthritis Pain.” The good news is that Omega 3 fatty Acids are able to quickly balance the body with anti-inflammatories. Incorporating foods high in Omega 3’s will not only ease your arthritis pain but will also keep you healthy.

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Could Your Pain Be Caused by a Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency can cause body painDid you know that a Vitamin D deficiency can cause body aches, pain in the bones, and chronic fatigue? In fact, a recent study of 150 people revealed that 93% of them were suffering from unexplained pain and were also deficient in Vitamin D. Some doctors even believe that many people dealing with chronic aches and pains are misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia rather than an accurate diagnosis of Vitamin D deficiency.

This is just one of our 8 pill-free pain remedies that we have found for you. A blood test is the best way to find out if you are deficient in Vitamin D. Allowing yourself to be in direct sunlight for 10-15 minutes is enough exposure to help the body produce the right amount of Vitamin D. If you live in an area that does not produce adequate sunlight, then a supplement or vitamin may be worth considering.

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Can Yoga Ease Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

yoga can relieve fibromyalgia symptomsDid you know that Yoga is a great low-impact exercise for fibromyalgia patients? An Oregon study recently asked 53 women, aged 21 or older, to participate in a regular yoga class and found that most of the participants had a significant improvement in their fibromyalgia symptoms. Researchers believe that yoga provides results because of its combination of breathing, relaxation, proprioception, meditation, and physical energy.

This is just one of our 10 ways to relieve fibromyalgia pain. Since the pain of fibromyalgia can make it difficult to engage in a strenuous physical activity, yoga can provide a mellow, low-impact exercise option. And it does not hurt that it has proven to be effective at relieving the awful symptoms that accompany fibromyalgia.

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I have known about this product for a long time. Seen it on pro bull rodeo years ago but never tryed it till now we in little falls Minnesota have a craft fair ones a year in September.
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I was impressed! The first topical cream I felt any relief from since I've been suffering from sciatica, and degenerative disc problems. Ill be using it for when I over exert my back!
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My husband has plates & screws in his ankles from an auto accident almost 4 years ago. Nothing relieved his pain until he tried Real Time Pain Relief! He gives this product 10 stars!
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I have everything from swollen hands from RA to Failed back surgery and severe Nuerophy and osteo arthritis to needing another knee surgery like many others I've tried everything on the counters to everything on the internet like bio freeze Chin
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I was walking around the Mesa Swap Meet a few months ago and started having severe pain running down my right leg to the point that all I wanted to do was sit down. I came to a booth that was selling the Real Time Pain Relief.
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Donna - Chandler, Arizona

I had surgery on my left shoulder and the Dr botched it. I have pain 24/7, when i first heard of this cream i laughed because i have tried everything and nothing worked. The man selling it gave me some to try.. i was so amazed at how well it worked.
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