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March 2016

Is Your Gait Causing Runner's Knee Pain?

Overstriding can cause runner's kneeDid you know that Runner’s Knee could be a result of striking the heel on the ground while walking or running? Do you know if you are a heel striker, midfoot striker, or a forefoot striker? Many experts believe that heel striking causes the knee to absorb great amounts of shock and stress, and can increase your chances of developing an overuse injury such as Runner’s Knee.

This is just one of our 9 tips to ease Runner’s Knee pain. Just because you may be a heel striker does not mean that you have bad form, however, if your knee is in pain, it could be your body’s way of telling you that your form is not right for your body. Over time, you can begin to change your technique and train yourself to strike the middle of the foot. A great way to begin is by shortening the length of your stride and making sure the foot lands closer to the body.

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Is Your Bed Causing Your Back Pain?

Your bed may cause back painDid you know that changing your mattress may be an easy fix for your back problems? Did you know that if you are a side sleeper you do not need the same type of bed that a stomach sleeper needs? If your mattress is old, dipping, or just not providing you with the specific support that you need, it can cause horrific pain in your back.

This is just one of our 10 Tips to Ease Back Pain that we have found for you. It is easy to find online guides that will help you buy the perfect mattress for you. It is worth taking your time and choosing the right mattress for yourself. Doing so can drastically improve your quality of life and be a positive factor in curing your back pain for good.

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Can Running Really Sharpen Your Hearing?

Running can prevent hearing lossDid you know that running not only benefits your cardiovascular system but also benefits your hearing? Well, a recent study from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) discovered that a 50 year or older person who has a healthy cardiovascular system can hear as well as someone in their 30s. Researchers believe that cardiovascular fitness causes oxygen-rich blood to travel to the head, which directly benefits the cochlea (the sense organ that translates sound into nerve impulses that are then sent to the brain).

This is just one of our 10 health benefits of running that we have found for you. Try running for 20-30 minutes a day, five days a week to support good cardiovascular health, and see if you can prevent yourself from ever needing to purchase a hearing aid!

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Avoid This if You Have Lupus!

Garlic can worsen Lupus SymptomsDid you know that you should avoid eating garlic if you have Lupus? Because garlic is known to enhance the immune system it is counterproductive in those with autoimmune diseases such as Lupus. Since the immune system in someone with Lupus is already overactive, eating something that causes the immune system to increase will exacerbate your Lupus symptoms. 

This is just one of our 10 Ways to Relieve Pain from Lupus that we have found in order to help you. There are a few other things you would want to avoid as well. For instance, Melatonin can also cause problems for a Lupus sufferer. One of the best preventative measures you can take is to educate yourself about other things that may worsen your Lupus symptoms. 

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Can Vitamin C Reduce Gout Pain?

Vitamin C can relieve gout painDid you know that Vitamin C is good for gout patients because it can reduce uric acid levels in the body? One 2005 study of 184 participants concluded that 500 mg daily reduced participants uric acid levels by about 10%. Other research has shown that Vitamin C can turn the sharp crystals into a liquid so that they flush out of the body faster. 

This is just one of our Eating Tips to Reduce Pain from Gout that we have found to help you ease your pain naturally. Consuming adequate amounts of vitamin C has actually been determined as way to prevent gout from developing. Foods rich in Vitamin C include bell peppers, oranges, cherries, leafy greens, and many more. 

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Does That Old Injury Make You Susceptible to Arthritis?

Old injury can cause osteoarthritisNew evidence demonstrates that old joint injuries have the ability to cause arthritis in that specific joint later in life. Injuries such as bone fractures or ligament and tendon damage can cause cartilage degeneration, which leads to the development of arthritis. As many as 15% of people who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis may have developed joint problems as a result of past injury or post-traumatic arthritis.

This is just one of our explanations of “What Causes Osteoarthritis.” We believe that education is a key factor when it comes to preventing this painful condition from disrupting their life. It may be easy to believe that old injuries are gone forever, but the fact is, they may have changed something about the way you move or carry your body. A little change like this can trigger a lifetime of cartilage destruction and create problems in our later years.

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Real Time Pain Relief and Humps 'N Horns Bull Riding Magazine Join Forces!

<span class='notranslate'>Real Time Pain Relief</span> and Humps and Horns join forcesHumps 'N Horns Bull Riding Magazine is the official magazine of the PBR, and in it's upcoming publications, Real Time Pain Relief will be a major advertiser in the magazine.

In addition to the advertisements, Humps 'N Horns will publish a series of articles titled "Real Time Pain Relief for Real People." This series of articles will focus on helping average hard-working Americans get out and STAY out of pain.

Also, the Real Time Cowboys will be featured in the magazine on a regular basis. Our very own Dustin Ratchford kicks off the March issue and talks about his career, his goals, and how he is staying healthy with Real Time Pain Relief!


RA Flare-up? Finding it Hard to Do What You Need To Do?

Protecting your joints is important for Rheumatoid arthritis During a Rheumatoid Arthritis flare-up, performing everyday tasks becomes painful and difficult to do. Resting for the duration of the flare-up may not be an option for you everytime, afterall life does not always give us the oppurtunity to take days off. If this is the case, it is very vital that you protect your pained joints from stress during this time. To achieve this, you should know that there are many assistive devices on the market, as well as measures that can be taken to ensure that you can take it a little easier on your body. 

This is just one of our 9 Best Home Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis that we have found to help you find natural relief. Most of the proactive steps that you can take are actually pretty simple, for instance, by placing a stool in areas where you find yourself reaching for things, you can save yourself from experiencing this painful moment. There are many more steps such as this!

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Does Tai Chi Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain?

Tai Chi can relieve fibromyalgia painHave you heard that Fibromyalgia sufferers are finding relief through the practice of Tai Chi? This is an ancient Chinese practice that involves slow, martial art style movements. It is designed to promote awareness, balance, flexibility, agility, concentration, mindfulness, proprioception, and improve overall functionality of muscles, bones and joints. 

This is just one of our 10 Ways to Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain that we have found to help you ease your pain naturally. Research has shown that fibromyalgia patients who practiced Tai Chi on a regular basis, discovered that they slept better, experienced less pain, had more energy, and felt healthier overall when compared to fibromyalgia patients who did not practice Tai Chi. Many even asked to continue the class after the study was completed because they were so impressed with the results of relief.

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Did You Know it is Possible to Prevent Muscle Strain?

Muscle strain can be relieved by protecting the musclesDid you know that Muscle Strain is one of the most common injuries affecting Americans today? Anyone is susceptible to muscle strain. It is one of those injuries that can occur without warning because it is often a result of the muscle being overstretched and causing a tear to occur. These types of things can happen in everyday life, for instance: overdoing it one day at work, playing sports, lifting heavy things, or even just a moment that you need to exert your strength. Learning methods in order to prevent muscle strain is one of the best things you can do.

This is just one of our 6 Ways to Reduce Pain from Muscle Strain. This article is designed to help you find natural and affordable ways to ease your pain. If you can educate yourself about prevention methods, such as proper lifting tactics, warming up before exercise, etc., you are taking a step to protect your muscles from damage and injury. 

For more details about relieving pain from muscle strain, (Click Here)
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