How to Treat Stress Fractures in the Feet

treat-stress-fracture-footMost doctors and surgeons will recommend the RICE method to ease the pain of an injured foot. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

  • REST: Your foot needs rest to heal and for the pain to decrease. If you need to walk, make sure you have good supportive footwear with a thick, soft sole. Walking could cause the fracture to get worse.
  • ICE: If possible, apply ice immediately after the injury. This will reduce the swelling. After that, apply a cold pack for 20 minutes. Wait at least 40 minutes before applying the cold pack again. Remember never to place ice directly on the skin.
  • COMPRESSION: Gently place an elastic bandage around the affected area. Make sure it isn't too tight.
  • ELEVATION: Whenever possible, have your foot elevated to a position higher than your heart.

If the fracture is very severe, you may have to walk with crutches.

If you want to return to work as soon as possible after your injury, it is important to make sure and follow the RICE method immediately. That way the bone will heal quicker and you will have less pain.

There are other great ways of reducing foot pain and speeding up healing. What are they?