Traumatic Injury

Traumatic injuries can lead to bulging disc painInjuring your back by accidental means in a sudden and traumatic manner is another way to develop a herniated disc. Football players are highly susceptible to back injuries and developing herniated discs. People who have physically demanding jobs that require them to lift heavy objects, climb up and down stairs, or perform a lot of twisting motions are susceptible to developing a bulging or herniated disc. This occurrence is more likely to cause degeneration which makes you vulnerable in times of traumatic injury, especially if you have a physically demanding occupation or hobby. With all this being said, you can ease the physical wearing down of your body by learning proper ways to hold your body when moving and performing strenuous and demanding activities. By educating yourself about proper body biomechanics, you can prevent hurting your back during activity. To find information like this, your research should include instruction on how to move and carry your body during activities such as lifting, running, crawling, walking, climbing, jumping, stretching, etc. Other useful information may include tips about posture, gait, mechanical form, kinesthetic movement, and proprioception.

Bonus Tip: Many traumatic injuries happen in times of sudden increase in exercise or activity, whether by duration or intensity. It is also not unheard of for someone to hurt their back while moving or performing a day of unusual heavy lifting. If you have a day that requires a need to bump up your performance level, remember to gradually accustom yourself, educate yourself on proper techniques, and always ask for some help!