Occupational Hazards

occupation can lead to herniated discFor those whose occupations require physically demanding labor, there is a higher risk for developing a herniated disc. This can be from years of extra activity in the vertebrae, which has led to the wear and tear of the spinal disc at a faster rate. Recent Studies have shown that “having held occupations as metal workers, construction workers, or nurses for more than 10 years was associated with the radiographically confirmed diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation or disc protrusion.” (1) Those who have occupations that require them to climb stairs, lift heavy objects, twist or bend over regularly, crawl long distances, run long distances are the most susceptible for the development of a herniated or bulging disc. It is important to remember proper body mechanics while performing any of the aforementioned tasks. This will keep the vertebrae and spinal disc from receiving any abnormal treatment and abuse. There also numerous types of braces that individuals wear during their occupation, in order to support the vertebrae and reduce the amount of stress that is placed on each one. Back braces support weight that is placed on the spinal discs, and are a must have for people whose occupation requires constant movement of the back, or for those who already suffer from back issues. There is a great deal of information on physical occupations and back issues, so it would be advisable to research ways to perform your daily tasks in the proper form.