Aggressive Training

aggressive training can lead to sever back painIf you are an athlete, you probably already know that you are in a high-risk category for developing a herniated disc. Sometimes a herniated disc may appear due to a sudden and dramatic increase in workout or training. If you are a runner and run 7 miles each day, six days a week, it is not good for your body to suddenly run 14 miles on the 7th day. Activity increase such as this will not only put you in a susceptible position to develop a herniated disc but also a variety of other injuries. Aggressive increases in training or performance, never provide good results. You may feel like you are really just “going at it” that day, but what you are doing to your body may not be worth the effort. Besides a herniated disc, other issues like Achilles tendonitis, snapping hip syndrome, and/or shin splints may develop as a result. If you have a personal physical trainer, consult their opinion before any sudden changes in your workout routine or training. If you do not have a personal trainer, remember to gradually start any new workout routine or training. Also, when you are increasing your activity, do not forget to give your body adequate periods of rest in between. While it may be hard to give yourself rest, especially if your career is constant and physically demanding, it may save you from suffering from a bulging or herniated disc, not to mention other painful issues.