Put Your Best Foot Forward With Yoga

As you can see, you have many options when it comes to taking care of your feet, especially when you implement yoga in your daily routine. The poses listed above are just a small sample—there are other options within the realm of yoga that can help your lower legs or feet, especially if you work on your feet all day. By adding foot care poses to your fitness routine or yoga class, you’ll improve the health of your feet over time. Some results will even be observed from the start, which is incredible. 

yoga-foot-healthYour feet are essential to your mobility as well as your balance. Being aware of your feet means you’ll not only improve the health of your lower limbs, but improve your balance and muscle tone as well. Muscles strength is essential for protecting you from injury, too. The benefits are limitless when you take care of your feet. 

Another plus is that yoga can strengthen your feet as well as your ankles. This strength is something we don’t really think about when we’re working out, but it is critical to maintain foot strength, as we get older. Foot strength is largely tied into balance and stability. Of course, exercise is great, but simply running, walking or biking will not target your foot strength specifically. This is where yoga can be beneficial; it will target a wider range and variety of muscles in your lower legs and feet. Yoga is designed to create strength across all muscle groups and this, in turn, mitigates risks of injury.

By using yoga to focus on our feet, you are building a solid foundation. Our feet are the foundation on which we live our lives so it is important that we nurture them. Yoga also highlights the habits we may have acquired over our lives and helps to mediate them. Through yoga, we can unlearn these bad habits and apply new techniques to enhance our lives. By taking care of yourself, from the ground up, you will find a new level of energy and focus. Foot care is something that is often overlooked, but with yoga you’ll get a new sense of focus on an essential part of the human body.