Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Mountain-Pose-Tadasana Mountain Pose is the starting position for all standing yoga positions. It helps to improve your focus, balance, and posture. Improving your posture is key to reducing foot pain, as correctly aligning your posture will reduce irritation and inflammation of your muscles and joints. As you focus on your posture and stance, you will become more aware of your standing habits. Maybe you favor a certain side, or you usually place your weight on a specific foot. Addressing weight distribution can help you improve the pressure put on various joints in the body, which helps to reduce pain. Practicing mountain pose regularly can help to reduce back pain. It’s also very helpful at reducing the affects of flat feet.

  • Begin by standing with your feet parallel, about hip-width apart. Spread your toes apart and press your weight evenly across your feet. Focus on the even distribution of your weight across both feet; make sure that you are not leaning forward or backwards. Put pressure at all four corners of each foot. Be sure that your hips are aligned with your ankles and that your legs are straight but not locked. Breathe in and stretch with your spine towards the ceiling while keeping your arms at your side. Hold this pose for 1-3 minutes. Focus on your breathing and on maintaining proper position.