Yoga and Pilates

yoga pilates can improve postureYoga and Pilates are both activities that can greatly improve your posture, along with many other benefits. Yoga involves stretching and holding yourself in balanced positions for short periods at a time, which trains the body to comfortably use proper posture. Another great perk to yoga is that it has shown to reduce stress and relieve tension in the muscles. The more relaxed and healthy your muscles are, the better they will be at handling pressure. Yoga also helps to position the body in ways that regulate and improve our breathing. As you practice good posture, you may begin to learn how inhibited your lungs are. However, with the right body alignment and balance, you can free your lungs of this feeling and begin to breath deeply and evenly.

With Pilates, you focus on breathing, build core muscles, learn how to balance and use proper body alignment. Pilates is great for those who are seeking to improve their core strength, but who may not be in the best physical condition to perform intense workouts.

The great thing about both, Yoga and Pilates, is that they are easy to do and don’t take very much time out of your day.


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