Other Muscles to Strengthen

how to improve your postureWe’ve talked a lot about core strengthening, but there are a few other muscles that shouldn’t be neglected. The muscles in the upper back, the shoulders, the neck, the chest, quadriceps, and hamstrings are all muscles that can be strengthened to improve posture. Here are a few exercises that you can perform for these muscles.

No equipment is needed to perform either of these exercises.

Exercise #1

  • While standing, straighten your shoulders and keep your head straight.
  • Raise both of your arms out to your sides; your arms should be parallel to the ground with the palms up.
  • Now, simply bend your forearms in order to touch your shoulder blades with your fingers.
  • Try this for 10 reps. *If you experience any pain, stop immediately.

Exercise #2  

  • Stand up straight, with your arms straight down at your sides.
  • Keeping the arms straight, slowly raise them until they are parallel with the ground.
  • Hold for a few seconds and then slowly move them back down to your sides.
  • Try this for 10 reps or as long as you like. As long as you do not feel too much soreness. *Again, stop immediately if you feel any sudden pain.