Driving Posture

how to improve posture while drivingSince a lot of us spend many hours a week driving around, it’s important to use this time to practice good posture. You can start by checking that every part of your seat is adjusted properly.

  • Your back should lie flat against the seat.
  • The headrest should support your head so that your spine is properly aligned.
  • Make sure that the seat is not too close or too far from the pedals and the steering wheel. If you don’t have the right distance away from these items, you might experience cramping or soreness after your drive.

For someone who has driven with improper posture for a long time, it may seem natural for your body to be positioned like this, and at first, it may seem unnatural when you adjust your seat to the proper distance and angle. It takes time to get used to proper posture in general; you basically have to re-teach your body what normal is while sitting, standing, or walking.