James Miller

Jim Miller notorious outlawAlso known as “Deacon Jim” due to his reputation for regularly attending church and refraining from drinking or smoking, Jim Miller was a born gunslinger. He was pretty much the ultimate hitman, boasting that he would kill anyone for the right price (sometimes anywhere from $100-$2000). Miller’s signature move was to find his victims at night while wearing a dark trench coat. He would pack a shotgun and wear a steel plate on his chest as a makeshift bullet proof vest. He was arrested in Oklahoma for murder, but never made it to trial. Instead, he was lynched by a mob of angry residents and died at the end of a rope. The story goes that Miller jumped off the platform to his death shouting “let ‘er rip” and the body was there for quite a while until the photographer finally showed up to snap some pictures. History says that during his life Miller killed up to 14 people.