Hoodoo Brown

Hoodoo Brown notorious outlawWhen Hyman G. Neill “Hoodoo Brown” was a teenager, he was working as a printer’s devil and one day was asked to fetch some rags. Hyman got up and jumped on the moving freight train that chugged past the back door of the printing shop and may have been the shortest two week's notice anyone has ever given in history. Hoodoo arrived in Las Vegas, New Mexico and found the place to be overrun with lawlessness and violent gangs. Neill took matters into his own hands and was elected as the Justice of the Peace, and also performed duties as coroner and mayor. He recruited several notorious gunfighters from Kansas and created a police force called the Dodge City Gang. However, the gang was almost as lawless as the gangs they were supposed to police. They covered up most of their organized crimes and murders by declaring acts of self-defense. With the amount of killing and other crimes Neill committed with the Dodge City Gang, his reputation in history is that he was one of the most notorious gunslingers who never served any jail time or sentencing. By 1880, citizens of Las Vegas, NM were tired of how he and his gang was running the town so they overthrew him and ran him out of the state.