The Apache Kid

The Apache Kid Notorious OutlawHaskay-bay-nay-ntayl, or ‘the tall man destined to come to a mysterious end,’ was the given name of the man commonly referred to as the Apache Kid. He has a reputation as the fiercest Apache of all the tribe. He was rescued from Yuma Indians when he was a boy and raised by the Army Scouts. His time in the Scouts honed his skills, and he quickly climbed to the rank of sergeant in the Army Calvary. The Kid helped quell rioting Apache tribes and was known for his skill and tactfulness on duty. During a night of hard drinking, the Kid’s father and another scout were having an argument and The Kid’s father was killed. His friends retaliated by killing the murderer and his brother. While awaiting trial at a preceding event, shots broke out in the crowd and the Kid and his friends escaped during the confusion. Later they were captured and sent to Alcatraz. Upon release, they were charged with other crimes by enraged Apaches and were sentenced again, this time it was 7 years in the Yuma Territorial Prison. They finally made an escape during a heavy winter storm that prevented the authorities from being able to search for them. This was the last time he was seen by anyone.