Posture While Driving

devices can improve your posture while drivingMany people forget to give their body the support it needs when they are in their vehicle. Generally, it starts with your seat. If your seat is not giving you the proper support you need to keep good posture, you may need to choose a supportive pad to put behind you. There are numerous back supports for car seats and they can support your lumbar, heat/cool your legs or back, keep the neck and shoulders balanced, and even massage you while you drive. Your headrest should support your head and neck comfortably, and you should also make sure that your hands and feet are at a proper distance from the steering wheel and pedals. Before you spend money on supportive devices for your car seat, you should first adjust your seat (the seat and the reclining backseat) to make sure that your feet reach the pedals comfortably. The same goes for your hands and the steering wheel. Some cars have pedals that can be removed and replaced with adjustable pedals, just in case you can’t get the right distance between your feet and the pedals.