Chairs and Sitting Support Devices

support devices can be added to chair to improve postureFor those who spend a major part of their day sitting in a chair, the right support can be found through additional pads/cushions, or even the chair itself. There are 3 areas you want to look at for support in your chair: comfort, support, and utility. These 3 factors will help you on your path to proper posture.

  1. Your chair should be properly cushioned to provide comfort, and should keep the bones, skin, and muscles in a relaxed position. Uncomfortable chairs may lead to soreness in the muscles, and even topical sores on the skin. Adequate padding is important to prevent these issues.
  2. Your chair should also support your arms, legs, torso, shoulders, neck, and back to keep any posture issues from arising. It is important to have proper lumbar support while sitting. Before you consider buying a brand new chair, you should know that there are also support pads that you can add to the chair you already have.
  3. Finally, the usefulness of your chair is a given. Some high-dollar ergonomic chairs come with plenty of bells and whistles, but they must be pragmatic for the activity you perform while sitting. When adding extra support cushions or padding, try to keep from overdoing it. It may take you a while to find the right amount of support for when you are sitting, but like anything, it takes a little practice.