Biofeedback Devices

Biofeedback devices can help you improve your postureThe future has brought many benefits to correct posture through high-tech devices operating under biofeedback. These devices can be worn around the neck and rest on your sternum. First you have to program the device to what your posture should resemble, and then when you wear it, it will alert you anytime that you deviate from that posture. They can be customized to give a small chime, a buzzer sound, or even vibrate to alert you of incorrect posture. These devices aren’t exactly cheap, but they are probably not as expensive as you think. Prices range anywhere from $50-$200. Most are not very visible when they are worn; some can even be placed under your clothing. Other bio-feedback devices include cushions that tell you when you're slouching, and even belts and bracelets that monitor your posture and balance.